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Reflexology Angus, professional reflexology services now available in the Carnoustie, Monikie and Dundee areas, other parts of Angus to follow soon..

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Reflexology Angus, provides professional face and feet treatments where both client's face and then feet are worked on using reflex points related to the body's meridians. This treatment will stimulate the lymphatic system and facial muscles to lift and plump the skin but also benefit the entire body leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.

Reflexology is a holistic, complementary therapy which works on the principle that the feet are a map of the body with individual reflexes which correspond to different parts of the body. Pressure is applied with the fingers and thumbs using various techniques in order to stimulate or calm the reflex bring about healthy balance and allow natural healing to take place.

Our treatment rooms are no-more than 10 minutes drive away from Dundee for your total relaxation.

Heathers reflexology official excellence in reflexology.

Heather's Reflexology please Telephone or text: 07395198545

Heather's Reflexology Treatments.

For a first treatment allow 90 minutes to include a thorough consultation and your treatment lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Please note: Please give 24hrs notice for your cancellation. Failure to do so will mean you will not be able to receive your money back.

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Q: Is reflexology safe?

A: Whilst reflexology is a very safe therapy it is important to note there are a few contraindications or times in your life when it may not be suitable.  These include current injuries to the foot/ankle, current infectious or contagious conditions, a history of DVT. I am happy to answer any questions prior to booking.

Q: Can I have reflexology while pregnant?

A: Reflexology can be wonderful for expectant mum's however it is not suitable for everyone.  If you are pregnant, please contact me before booking.

Q: What if I have ticklish feet?

A: The techniques used in reflexology do not tend to cause ticklishness, however your treatment will be tailored around any specific sensitivities you may have.

Q: Does reflexology hurt?

A:Reflexology should never be painful and is generally a very relaxing experience.  You may feel mild, transient discomfort while we work to clear/balance any issues we come across during treatment.

Q: How will I feel after reflexology?

A: Most commonly you will feel extremely relaxed.  Some people will experience mild ‘detox’ like symptoms for a day or two after treatment which may include sleeping more, increased thirst or feeling a little emotional.  It is advisable to rest, keep hydrated and avoid alcohol during this period.

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